Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Thousand Words

Along the way in writing a blog each week, while creating 407 postings, there have been days when no subject readily arrived in my mind. This problem doesn't occur while traveling in new lands amid exotic adventures; then, it is easy to find conversation. But I am not always on the go in this fashion.

This morning I arrived at my art gallery early, planning to write something, but without a clue. The ground is moist from an evening shower, the air is fragrant, and the sun shines through the morning clouds on a beautiful spring day. I turned my back on work and walked, noticing fresh leaves budding forth, and the flowers that are celebrating a new season of generation. It is enough this morning to simply share some pictures. After all, one picture is worth a thousand words.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Age Of Digital Photography

Color photography versus black & white. Each has value, and in this day and age of digital, we can have both. When taking pictures with my camera, typically it is in color, but software advances are so ubiquitous that the same photo can be adjusted wonderfully into black & white, using Photoshop, or many other software programs created for that purpose.

 I do not say one form is better than another . . . for instance an incredible sunset might lose some drama in black & white. But then again, sometimes color can be distracting. Black & white simplifies so that a narrative speaks more clearly, the story is succinct.

Here, I am including two samples of the same picture. The subject is a woman at a train platform in Bangkok, Thailand. A train is rushing past and is blurred by motion. In the black & white, the absence of color gives longing to the story. The color picture is flashier. 

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