Sunday, May 25, 2014

Appreciate The Positive

After three years, I am closing my art gallery at the end of this coming June. Simply put, it is time to get out from under the responsibilities to take a breath of freedom that continually calls me. After my trip around the world in 2008, I often have joked that it ruined me. But there is some truth in it for the feeling of élan, adventure, and liberty stay alive and press on my heart with longing.

It has been wonderful gaining so many new collectors and having grand art openings. I appreciate the positive, and feel relieved too that the huge financial obligations are ending.

Recently, sales have been occurring outside the gallery that make me think I will do as well or better on my own. I get orders from my online presence, and recently drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma for an artfest where six paintings sold, along with many prints. Very profitable without the vast overhead. And this satisfied some of my wanderlust too.

Heidi Of The Mountains encouraged the change, and hopefully, this September we will be able to go forth together to Europe.

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