Sunday, January 15, 2023

Oaxaca Textures

The central district of Oaxaca is about a forty minute drive from our home on the outskirts of town. The trip would take about half the time but Mexico is the land of speed bumps. They are called “topes.” We need to slow down and cross over at least 50 to get into town. They have a purpose: making drivers more cautious. I see fewer accidents than up north in the USA. 

After 2 1/2 years here, I can say I am still getting used to them.

Our village of San Pedro Ixtlahuaca is a typical Mexican pueblo. The main resource is the church that sits next to the municipal offices. Basic shops and a cemetery complete the picture.

Amy and I are artists and do not have issues with being alone. Our home satisfies most of our needs. We can be creative, feel insulated and comfortable, tend our land with myriad plants and be entertained at night in our living room in front of a big screen television. 

We have not known each other but a short while in the entire scheme of our lives. We married in 2018 and discovered we have had remarkably similar journeys. Both of us share sophisticated backgrounds, having lived in exceptional urban environments most of our lives. 

We go into Oaxaca several times a week for the familiar thrill of sophistication and intellect.

The above pictures are a visual taste of the vibrancy, art, culture and textures of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks … Beautiful Oaxacan snaps! Easy to feel as if right there! Thanks so much 2 U Two!!!… Stephen

Desiree said...

I miss you both so much. We take for granted the moments we share with friends over dinner thinking it’s just until next time. Then the “next time” doesn’t come and you realize when they are gone how precious they are. I’m sure we’ll have another “next time”. Until then, you are in my thoughts