Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sojourn to the Sea

For the first time since we moved to Mexico almost three years ago my daughter Sarah is visiting us. Our house has plenty of room and we are happy to be together. Yet we are somewhat removed from cultural activities since the location is in a pueblo outside of Oaxaca. Sarah asked about going to the ocean, so we decided to make the seven hour drive through the Sierra Madre Mountains to the Pacific. Amy and I had visited Mazunte about 2 years ago and liked it. It has an international reputation as a hip and laid back spot along the coast. Young people especially like it as a counter culture place to forget the world and re-center in harmony with nature. 

To drive from Oaxaca with our puppy MaliNalli, we followed an infamously winding road through mountains that makes some sick to their stomachs. The dog threw up! Near the coast, earth gave way to sand. Our fabulous hotel, Carpe Diem, took us in with open arms and made us feel at home on a tree laden hillside above the ocean. Sarah participated in yoga sessions on the roof veranda with sparkling and astonishing views.

Mazunte beach is not for swimming because the ocean is too strong with powerful waves hitting the steep shoreline. We drove 7 minutes to nearby San Augustinillo where swimming is perfect. Amy sat contentedly by a table under a big beach umbrella. Sarah and I dove in and played in the surf. MaliNalli streaked around with joy but was afraid of the water. She dug holes in the sand . . . just like any child.

Yoga by the sea

The evening before our departure we walked to see a sunset. Amy has had issues with her sprained ankles, so it was just Sarah and I. At places, the terrain was steep, but the path well worn. We hiked to “Punte Cometa,” or Comet Point, a spectacular bluff overlooking the Pacific that has perfect vantage for watching sunsets and sunrises, fifteen minutes from the hotel. Along the way, a secluded beach beckoned and we stopped there. Up top on the point, a large crowd steadily gathered. As the sun sank toward the azure horizon, the suspense built. When the sun kissed the sea, the crowd was hypnotized and silent. Moments later, as the sun disappeared, spontaneous applause erupted in appreciation of the fabulous moment.

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