Sunday, January 14, 2024

Positive or Negative

People are split whether to be positive or negative about my AI creations. As with anything new and revolutionary, resistance occurs. When automobiles were first introduced, there was resistance from people who were accustomed to horse-drawn carriages. Some considered cars noisy, dangerous, and disruptive to the established way of life. In the early days of the internet, there were concerns about privacy, security, and skepticism about its utility. Some people saw it as a passing fad, while others were worried about the potential negative impacts. When television sets became widely available, there were concerns about the impact on family life, the potential for mindless entertainment, and the fear that it would discourage people from reading. I could go on: vaccines, electricity, personal computers, mobile phones, etc.

I am not replacing my studio art with AI. To explore the vast realm of possibilities generating images using artificial intelligence is but another creative venue. I am experimenting and gaining knowledge, skills, ideas and more. 

As I share images, especially on Facebook, I find there is a split among people  who love or hate it. Some actually like the stuff but on “moral” grounds take issues with it. Oh well, as the saying goes, “To thyself be true.” A big part of myself is adventurer . . .

All of the work shown was produced with AI then hand edited with photoshop.

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