Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Driving Gypsy

Wow! I made it home after driving nine hours straight, from Phoenix, Arizona. It felt good returning to Santa Fe, but included a tinge of remorse at ending my gypsy lifestyle.
I can see why California is the seventh biggest world economical entity. It is big, dynamic, rich in resources, and bustling with growth. When I came to Los Angeles, ten lane freeways stretched for miles in every direction, and they were crowded with traffic. A brown haze of smog hung over the city and my eyes stung.
I spent the night in Palm Springs, where Adagio Gallery shows my paintings. The next day, after painting in the desert, I drove to Phoenix where Heritage Gallery exhibits my art. I stayed with my long time friend John Dugas, who took me to a cowboy dance hall after dinner. I can hang out almost anywhere and be happy.

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