Monday, November 27, 2006

Since Our Separation

I notice that since our separation, whenever I am with Jean, our moments are pleasant, cordial and caring. I love her and pray for her each day, but do not want to move back into the house. If I try and argue with myself out of guilt and duty, resistance ensues—with anxiety. I realize I must wait for more clarity.
Sarah came home from college in Chicago for Thanksgiving. We all cooked together and shared a lovely candlelit meal. Later, we went to a movie, and two days later, celebrated Sarah’s twentieth birthday with another beautiful meal, cake with candles, and a few gifts. Jean and I drove her to the airport on Sunday to send her back to school.
After I dropped Jean off at home, it was a bit difficult leaving, but that is our arrangement now. I don’t know if it will change. I am beginning to make plans to live in Sicily this spring. I often find myself thinking “God bless Jean, and have mercy on my soul.”

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