Friday, December 29, 2006

Deep and Silent Snow

Deep and silent snow covers everything. It fell all last night and most of today. Many offices and businesses closed due to the weather. I like it! It is beautiful how the extreme conditions cause life to slow almost to a standstill. Driving is risky, and about as fast as walking. I took pictures from my truck.
I am working on myself this way: to accept what comes to me and always be content. Happiness is within, no matter what life looks like outside. My dear Naomi said, "Show up and be lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there or inside yourself. Always speak the truth of your heart."
To learn more of Naomi's life, read my book, A Heart Traced in Sand


Isabelle said...

Merci d'avoir laissé un commentaire sur mon blog de Saint François. J'ai fait aussi un site sur "le Rosaire de Saint Dominique"
Vous avez mis de jolies peintures. ESt-ce vous qui peignez?
Moi aussi, je peins des paysages.
Amitiés sur le net


Pepa Cobo said...