Friday, December 15, 2006

Prisoner or King

The computer world swallowed me whole this week. My photography and digital images have taken several big steps forward, especially online. 
It seems there is a strong consensus among close friends and acquaintances that when I go to Europe in March, I might as well stay three months. So this is what I am planning. I have contacts in Paris, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Venice. Certainly, I will begin in Sicily for a month. I am tempted to be a vagabond, blown by capricious winds, at least for part of the time.
On a personal level, I am further exploring the power, beauty and grace that live within, and letting go of expectations for happiness outside. I feel a fullness that is self-sufficient. The ever-present joy in my heart is always close. I can be equally happy a prisoner or king.

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