Monday, February 18, 2008

Wind And Waves

I am growing accustomed to the ceaseless sound of the wind and waves on the beach outside my room. One morning it was quiet when I awoke, and felt strange.
Dangriga folks are the most relaxed group of people I have ever been around. They seem to be absent of anger, and it is remarkable how open they are. There are also regular beggars, and at least one woman said I could live at her house.
I have friends, and often someone will see me and call my name hello. One guy took me to his shack tucked into the woods at the end of a beach. He lives with his girlfriend in a place thrown together with boards and tin. There is a garden, and chickens and dogs. I looked at the holes in his ceiling and asked did the place leak during rains? He said yes, and that then his girlfriend and he scrambled to find dry spots, and fought over them.
There is very little glass in Dangriga . . . most windows stay open all the time.
I am a bit bewildered these days since I do not feel driven or impelled to succeed. I wonder, have I lost my bearings? Where the heck am I and what am I doing? Is my life important while I do not oil the capitalist machine? What if I become a barefoot native, and play dominoes under a thatched roof every day?


tristan said...

give yourself time to adjust, and never forget how lucky you have been to get so far

Steve said...

Living in THE DREAM is to be surprised and realize that the rules, if they exist, are different. As I fall, sometimes my inclination is to grab for what has made me feel secure in life. In THE DREAM, the lesson is in letting go, and abandoning to the mystery.
Everyone is lucky . . . because Grace exists, and Love holds us, even in desperate hours.
Thanks for your comment Tristan.