Sunday, July 02, 2017

Thinking Of Lions

I fell asleep thinking of lions. They prowled the area of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa where my tent was pitched near the rim. In the dead of the night I woke to the sound of something massively heavy crushing and pulling the grass just steps away. On my cot listening, I briefly fantasized being pulverized into the earth, and then fell back asleep.

A water buffalo had come into camp.

In the morning chill and fog, as we made our way down to the flat crater plain, I encountered a couple young Masai men. The others in the small group of safari travelers shied away from the native africans, but I always was drawn to engage with them. This morning we met as they were stepping from the mysterious  shrouded bush and I was just waking from my dreams—and the water buffalo and lions.

I took some photos and now treasure the images as reminders of wildness, Africa, and the wonderful Masai who I chanced to meet.

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