Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Blessed Path

We are both a bit thunderstruck—hit by lightning; not burned but filled with a higher vibration from heaven that gleams with light.

Barely a week ago we did not think that our little wedding would be today. Just four other people were with us to make it official.

Now the sun is out and shining brilliantly. A blessed path is before us; we both know it.
Amy Cordova and I intend to walk a holy path together. Our days as artists will be filled with creativity. We share love for life, Spirit and God.

In two days we will be in Mexico. First, Oaxaca for Day Of The Dead celebrations, then Mexico City. From there we will travel to Spain and Morocco. We don’t have a return ticket, but guess that in three months we will be back to the USA. Perhaps then we can celebrate and have a ceremony with loved ones and friends.

Our DREAM together is bigger and better than we can imagine and we are in awe. Our hearts are full and thankful.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Steve and Amy!! What a wonderful surprise to all of us who know you and Amy. Enjoy every moment of your fairy tale life journey. It sounds like your off to a wonderful start with such a elaborate travel plans for 3 months; Wow!

Have a wonderful marriage being creative together and enjoying what life has to offer for the both of you. If you ever get to La Crosse, Wisconsin my husband Bill and I would certainly like to visit with the two of you on the Mississippi River or at our home.

Mary Dillon Bastian

banafsheh said...

So happy for you both -blessed and enjoy the journey xoxo