Sunday, October 29, 2017

Favorite Haunts

How different it is returning to the location of a childhood memory after the lapse of years. What seemed to be a place of grand and important dimension is seen as quite normal in proportion to its surroundings. The playground that appeared to stretch to infinity with magical fluidity is after all—small. The neighborhood street lined with homes on either side; well the houses look smaller than remembered.

In a few days I will be returning to the city where I grew up. Washington DC is "The Nations Capital." It will be my first time there in about twelve years. I have four days. Enough time to revisit some old hang outs, like Georgetown, the Phillips Gallery, the Mall with its monuments, the National Gallery and more. My brother is hosting me and I am eager to be included into his family life, and especially to become more familiar with my niece and nephew.

After DC I will arrive in Paris, and stay on the left bank in a small boutique hotel I prefer. I won't have time to make paintings. Instead I will go to Versailles by train, visit museums and spend hours doing my street photography—wandering around in an altered mental state I call being in "the zone."

From Paris I go to my home away from home—Venice, Italy. After one month its south into Africa.

I am packing my art supplies and a easel along with a new camera and tripod. Must bring my laptop and gear. So not much room for clothes.

Now, the memories I create in life will not diminish in size if I return later. Some places, like Venice and Paris and Egypt are favorite haunts . . .

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