Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Calling

Sunday, October 7
I went to a lecture by a world-renowned doctor and activist, Dr. Paul Farmer, who co-founded the organization Partners in Health. Under his inspired guidance and through his dedication and vision, entire communities of poor and sick people in third world countries have been raised to new life and given hope for better futures.
As Dr. Farmer spoke eloquently of the necessity to help the weak, and how cooperation does wonders, he gave a visual presentation that included pictures of poor, emaciated, sick people and what they looked like after being given food and medicine, nursed back to health.
Afterwards, I felt inspired, and also guilty at my own introspection. My work is in art—a solo activity that does not involve others. But as I reflect further, I realize that each of us has a calling, and everyone in their place is important: the mother raising and educating the child, the farmer growing food, laborers, the scientist developing new medicines, pilots who fly airplanes, the writers and yes, artists too. All essential for the balance of the world.

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