Monday, October 16, 2006

Life is not fair

Monday, October 16,
My father called today from his home in Santa Barbara, California and immediately I sensed something was wrong. Someone close to both of us had tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. I do not know all the facts, and what comes out of my family is sometimes dramatic and fantastical. Nonetheless, the news overwhelmed me and caused weeping.
What is it about the world that it is so beautiful and painful both?
Naomi, during her forced march through the “valley of the shadow of death,” had so many occasions to complain bitterly, yet only said, “Life is not fair.” She regarded negativity in the same way as the cancer in her body, and retaliated with affirmations. One affirmation she wrote that I am particularly fond of is: “Show up and be lovingly present, no matter what it looks like out there or inside yourself. Always speak the truth of your heart.”

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